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Be your home a stately pile or a bed-sit, everyone has a reason to use my house sitting service.

If you have no pets and you're going away. you may be worried about security: your home being left empty and it's possible attraction to burglars. There are many reasons why you need a house sitter. Most often, you will need somebody to care for your  home while you are travelling, whether for business or pleasure, whilst in hospital, on an extended family visit, on holiday or have to be away for any other reason - My house Sit Service is for you.

My House Sit Service is reassuring and inexpensive enabling you, without worry, to have someone honest, responsible and trustworthy in charge of your home  while you are absent.

For security, I will be an obvious 'presence' in your home and garden. I’ll be in your property for at least 21 hrs a day – with lights going on and off and curtains opening and closing at irregular intervals, no tell-tale post, parcels, milk or newspapers left on the doorstep.

Your home and possessions will be treated with respect, well looked after with house rules kept as you would do. All instructions agreed between us regarding the care of your home will be carried out to the letter. 

General light housework and light gardening is undertaken as part of the job thereby keeping your home spick and span.  Any shopping required will be done and receipts kept ready for your return. I could easily be persuaded to have a cooked meal waiting for you - let me know what/if this is required during the assignment to give me the opportunity to shop for the meal if necessary.

For added reassurance and peace of mind I will happily send you a text or email update each day and keep a diary of events for you to read when you return. Your home will have been looked after by someone who really does care; You will find it just as you left it.

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