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Depending on size, I can take up to 2 'paying guests' at any one time, so if the bookings calendar says I'm unavailable, there still might be an opening for a boarder - it doesn't hurt to ask.

Either you deliver to, and/or collect your pet from my home or  if you'd rather, I am more than happy to do so*. Once here, your pet will be treated as one of the family and have full run of the house (if that's what you allow), full use of the fenced dog run (if applicable) and of the garden whilst on a long leash. 

They'll be walked at least twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening and cared for 24 hours a day. If I need to go out, they'll either come with me (if practical) or they'll stay at home with my partner.

They'll be fed with their own food, treats and medication (if applicable), which you supply. They'll be given food and medicaments in  their normal quantities at the usual times. Your house rules, routines and verbal commands will be kept. They'll be played with and completely loved up for the entire time they're with me. If you allow them on the furniture, they'll be allowed on mine, on your bed - also on mine - you get the idea...

Any pre-existing vet appointments, doggy parlour appointments* etc. will be kept. Any health problems requiring a vet will be dealt with as quickly as possible

If you'd like me to bathe and groom them before being returned home, I'm all kitted out to do so (from £7.50 per dog). I also have a scooter (which does up to 8mph) for larger and/or more active dogs who need more than a gentle trundle round the village.  Your dog will be kept on a lead at all times when outside my home, unless he's in the dog run.

Regardless of which service you choose. boarding or sitting, you'll come home to happy contented pets as they will have been looked after by a real animal lover who really does care.

N.B. I must insist that your pet/s is/are fully up to date on inoculations, has been recently flea and worm treated etc.  I'll need proof of this before an assignment takes place in order to keep any other 'paying guests' and my own pets safe and well.

* (40p per mile or part thereof, mileage charge applies for any use of my car for the benefit of your pet/s).



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