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  Hello prospective clients, Here's a bit about me and my 'family'...

Iím Sue, a 55 yr old mad keen animal spod based just outside Exeter, Devon. I have over 40 years experience in caring for a variety of pets, (please see my qualifications page), but not quite so long caring for houses.

Since a babe in arms, there have always been pets in our home. Cats (pedigree and 57ís), dogs (large & small, pedigree and 57ís) rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, a rat, gerbils, hamsters, budgies, lovebirds, a huge assortment of finches, tropical and cold-water fish, a Mexican Red Leg Tarantula, and (when my brother and I were kids) the odd slow worm or two kept in a let-down section of wardrobe Ė much to our motherís horror! Pet and House Sit Service - bullet point

The poppets on the right are from the top; my last beloved cat Mummy-One, a tortoiseshell and white, resplendent in her war paint, who I rescued from a farm and was my live-in companion for 19Ĺ years. I used to wear her like a fur collar as I walked around the garden - paws and head draped down the left side of my face, feet and tail on the other. Her daughter, Baby-One who had a completely different personality from her mother - just as loving but in a totally different way.. was 15 when she died of cancer and Heidi my 2nd rescue border collie who was with me for 13.5 years. Whilst Heidi was still fairly young we adopted Bubble and Squeak, (the girls) our 2 current rescue cats who go a good way to filling the enormous void left by their predecessors.

The 'girls' were about 5 months old when we liberated them from the Cats Protection where they were born. Bubble has always been the adventurous one, she was up on my lap and purring within 4 hours of coming to a strange new home. Squeak was very nervy, it took her 4 days to sit on my lap and purr, but amazingly since I had to apply eye drops to both her eyes for a week or so she has gradually come out of her shell  - I thought she'd consider me the enemy when I first applied the drops, but since that time she follows me around as Heidi used to do and is usually first on my lap for cuddles and fuss! She must have realised that I was helping not harming her.

We fostered Tilly and Tia (two Heinz dogs) on 18th October, and having had quite a long journey, they've settled in nicely.  Ours is the 4th home they've had in their 10 month lives - they each have their own behavioural problems and trust issues which we're working on daily but this is where they've come to prepare for their 'forever home'. They originally came from Romania but understand English commands when they want to Pet and House Sit Service - bullet point  Happily, both dogs have now moved on to their forever homes, so we're currently dogless (not a happy state for us to be in).

The poppets on the left are not pictures of my own previous pets, but I have 'owned' or 'part-owned' one or more of each species (amongst others).

Weíve found that over the years that we have needed someone trustworthy to look after our 'girls' when away.  We don't like the idea of kennels or catteries as we're sure our pets would be much happier in their own surroundings with their own routines etc., and as we were fortunate enough to find just the right person, we have developed a real passion for worry-free, guilt-free and stress-free holidays, long weekends away & days off. I am therefore. committed to ensuring my clients get the quality time away from their usual home/work duties they deserve and need. Just to be able to leave your pets, home and possessions to a pet and home sitter who's caring, responsible and capable is so reassuring and relaxing. It allows you the freedom to think of nothing but your own pleasure, completely worry and guilt free for the entire time you're away.

I have modelled myself along the same lines as my now-retired sitter. This means ensuring my clientís time isnít spent worrying about pets, home security or other every day things  but by having as relaxing and as care-free time off as possible, coming home relaxed and happy to find  everyone and everything as it should be.

By having me take charge of your pets and possessions. you'll come home to find your pets happy and content in their usual routines and territory and your home just as you left it

For your added peace of mind I have a current CBS/DBS certificate (Police check)

Pet and House Sit Service - bullet point I look forward to meeting you and your pets in the near future Pet and House Sit Service - cat bullet point

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